Medical Equipment Concierge

Dr.Pals provides tailored services to medical professionals through offering access to the latest medical equipment and technology. Allowing you to offer the best care for your patients.

doctors doing surgery inside emergency room
doctors doing surgery inside emergency room
First of all

On-Demand Equipment Requests

Browse our store of available equipment for sale or tap into our network of same day equipment rental options. Dr.Pals is here to tailer our services to your patient care needs.

Not to mention

On-Site Technician Services

Our experienced technicians are available to provide on-site equipment expertise and support including equipment preventative maintenance testing, procedure support, and inventory management so you can focus on caring for patients.

And let's not forget

We purchase and recycle equipment.

Tired of storing equipment surplus? We have options to free you of unneeded equipment. Contact Dr.Pals to coordinate this hassle free service.

persons hand doing peace sign
persons hand doing peace sign

About us

At Dr.Pals, we’re committed to providing you with the best medical equipment services available. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help as your medical equipment concierge.

Contact us today for all your medical equipment needs.

Tell us what you need for a tailored solution.